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The Inland Hills to the Pevensey Levels
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Inland Hills to the Pevensey-Levels

The Inland Hills to the Pevensey Levels

We have named this area the Inland Hills to the Pevensey Levels because it runs down from the line of hills from Battle to Heathfield towards the flat marshy land at Pevensey. It is located on the coast in East Sussex in the southern part of the UK.

The area mostly consists of small villages, with many ancient churches, and a few small towns with interesting history.

The main claim to fame for the locality was that this was the landing point for the King William's Norman invasion in 1066 . Since those times, the Sea Level has dropped, or the land has raised, so that the old salt water estuaries especially the Pevensey Levels, are now rich farmland.

This coastal area was well known for its smuggling, with the contraband being brought inland via the deserted waterways. The revenue officers were based at Pevensey , but were not as successful as they would have wished.

Rudyard Kipling, who lived in Burwash provided a poem from Puck of Pooks Hill, an excerpt of which covers the Inland Hills to the Pevensey Levels.

Trackway and Camp and City lost,
Salt Marsh where now is corn
Old Wars, old Peace, old arts that cease
And so was England born.


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