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East Sussex - Iron Country
(Beanie Checklist S)

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Current Beanies as at 01/03/2000

Beanie Babies Check List
Picture Name of Beanie Birthday    
Sammy the ty-dye bear cub June 23, 1998   Retired
Santa December 6, 1998   Retired
Sarge the german shepherd     Current
Scaly the lizard February 9, 1999   Retired
Scat the cat May 27, 1998   Retired
Schweetheart the orangutan January 23, 1999   Retired
Scoop the pelican July 1, 1996   Retired
Scorch the dragon July 31, 1998   Retired
Scottie the terrier June 15, 1996   Retired
Scurry the beetle Retire January 2001   Retired
Seamore the seal December 14, 1996   Retired
Seaweed the otter March 19, 1996   Retired
Shamrock the bear     Current
Sheets the ghost October 31,1999   Retired
Silver the grey tabby February 11, 1999   Retired
Slayer the frilled Dragon     Current
Slippery the seal January 17, 1998   Retired
Slither the snake [ UNKNOWN]   Retired
Slowpoke the sloth May 20,1999   Retired
Sly the fox September 12, 1996   Retired
Smoochy the frog October 1, 1997   Retired
Smooch the bear     Current
Snake     Current
Sneaky the leopard     Current
Sniffer the beagle     Current
Snip the cat October 22, 1996   Retired
  Snort the bull May 15, 1995   Retired
Snowball the snowman December 22, 1996   Retired
Spangle the American bear June 14, 1999   Retired
Sparky the Dalmatian February 27, 1996   Retired
Speckles the E-Bear     Current
Speedy the turtle August 14, 1994   Retired
Spike the rhinoceros August 13, 1996   Retired
Spinner the spider October 28, 1996   Retired
Splash the orca whale July 8, 1993   Retired
Spooky the ghost October 31, 1995   Retired
Spot the dog January 3, 1993   Retired
Springy the lavender bunny     Current
Spunky the cocker spaniel January 14, 1997   Retired
Squealer the pig April 23, 1993   Retired
Squirmy the worm Retired January 2001   Retired
Steg the ty-dye stegosaurus [ UNKNOWN]   Retired
Stilts the stork June 16, 1998   Retired
Sting the ty-dye ray August 27, 1995   Retired
Stinger the scorpion September 29, 1997   Retired
  Stinky the skunk February 13, 1995    Retired
Stretch the ostrich September 21, 1997   Retired
Stripes the tiger June 11, 1995   Retired
Strut the rooster March 8, 1996   Retired
Swampy the alligator     Current
Swirly the snail March 10, 1999   Retired
Swoop the pterodactyl     Current

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