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East Sussex - Iron Country
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Beanie Babies Competition Results

We have just received a magnificent 440 drawing entries from 10 schools for our very first competition. The competition was for the children at the Primary Schools, in the small area our Internet site covers, to draw a Beanie Baby they would like to see or own.

All the drawings were of a very high standard, and it was very difficult to choose the winners. Finally after much discussion the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place results were decided, and a further 8 highly commended certificates were awarded in each age group.

Five Ashes Primary school scooped the 1st prizes in the 10-11 year age group and in the 7-9 year age group, and Mayfield the 1st prize in the 4-6 year age group.

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Five Ashes
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Some excellent drawings were seen in the 10-11 year age group, with Josephine Child's Tracker the Basset sniffing out 1st prize, only just winning from Emma Kateley's Nettles the VillageNet Bear
which we thought was a brilliant idea with Tessa Goering's entry from Sedlescombe coming a close 3rd.

In the 7 - 9 year age group, Felicity Child's Prance the cat pounced on the 1st prize, Spike the Caterpillar drawn by Adam Brown from Dallington was a colourful creation creeping into 2nd place, and Lilly the Fish drawn by Abigail Pearce showing an underwater scene snapped up 3rd place.

The 4 - 6 year age group was won by Callum Hepworth with Sissy the snake wrapping up 1st place, Clarissa Vidler's lion made us smile with its features and roared into 2nd place, Camilla Jones cat was just purrfect for 3rd place.
Watch out for Nettles the VillageNet Bear in the Future !

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